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BMAT Physics

A couple of years ago I was asked to author solutions for the physics portion of a private BMAT tutoring course. This course never ended up being taught and I’ve recently been informed that the BMAT cirriculum has changed. Therefore, I’ve decided to release these for anyone with either a cursory interest in Physics, or anyone looking for past solutions to the old BMAT style cirriculum.

What’s this physics stuff, I thought you did security?

I studied physics at University before moving into the information security industry. However, as a disclaimer, this was not edited by a secondary source and isn’t in a polished state. If you notice any mistakes I’ve made then send me a message or submit a pull request and I’ll get it fixed.

What’s included?

The BMAT itself actually consists of Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology sections, but the Chemistry and Biology sections have been omited as I’m unable to speak with any authority on those subjects. Also included are solutions for the physics and maths sections of papers 2009-2013, other than 2011 (sorry, can’t find the .tex file).

You can find the tex files here, as well as any assets, but if you just want the pdf’s, then I’ve included the links below!

PDF Downloads

Physics Syllabus
Solutions 2009
Solutions 2010
Solutions 2012
Solutions 2013

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